Welcome to The Gearhead Girl: A Relaunch and a Reintroduction

You may have noticed that something’s different. Where’d The Car Aficionada go? What happened to the old website?

Well, I figured it was time for a change. So today, I welcome you to my new site — a sort of The Car Aficionada 2.0, if you will.

Don’t worry, The Gearhead Girl still contains your favorite content from the old site.

The Gearhead Girl is more of a blog. I may sprinkle some occasional historical bits into pieces, but I’m not going to focus on writing an entire post on the history of something. There are plenty of other websites out there that have these things. But what I am going to focus on is the latest happenings: what is going on with the automobiles in my life, any cool products that I want to share, other vehicles that I want to feature. Things like that.

I have some awesome content planned for you all and hope to be more regular with posts. I know I drifted away from The Car Aficionada a bit, and I hope to not let that happen ever again.

So, thanks for joining me on this ride.

Let me please Reintroduce myself…

Jennifer Harrington, The Gearhead Girl

For those who are completely new to my world, let me tell you a little bit about myself. At least the car stuff.

I’ve been an automotive enthusiast almost all my life. When I was little, I would go to the local short track for some oval racing with my father, and we’d attend the annual Mopar Madness event and other nostalgia drag race weekends. On Friday or Saturday evenings, we would go to one of the local car shows, where we would meet up with my aunt and uncle and wander around the parking lot full of classic cars. Sometimes, I’d help my father work on his vehicles. We would go over to his friends’ places and help them turn wrenches on their cars.

In high school, I was in the mass communications program, where I fell in love with the various aspects of the media. And then it hit me: Why not combine my love for cars with journalism? With the goal of becoming an automotive journalist, I enrolled in journalism and engineering courses in college.

Thanks to one of those journalism professors, I landed an internship at Automobile Quarterly, a hardcover publication that featured some of the greatest long-form tales of the automobile. I even got the chance to write a couple of pieces for it, plus several for the company’s bimonthly publication, AutoEvents Magazine. I eventually ended up working there full time until shortly before both publications ceased production.

I then went on to freelance some for Allpar, and a few months later, I started a stint at Car and Driver. After spending four years in Michigan, I found myself back in the Louisville area, freelancing for other automotive outlets and later launching The Car Aficionada.

My baby is a four-door 1967 Plymouth VIP (the top-level trim for the Fury; 10,830 four-doors were produced for this model year). She’s a little bit of a project, but I absolutely adore her and enjoy working on her, as you’ll see in future posts.

So, welcome to The Gearhead Girl. I’m excited to share my experiences with you.

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