Aston Martin DB4 Zagato

Five Cars by Carrozzeria Zagato

Ugo Zagato and his Carrozzeria Zagato company are known for producing some of the most famous, lightweight, aerodynamic, and sporty cars. The Zagato name has appeared on Alfa Romeos, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lancias, and more.

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari Throughout Its Decades

Ferrari: a name that evokes images of exoticism, power, and victory. To help celebrate the Maranello-based company’s 70th anniversary, here is a list of vehicles from each of its decades.

AMC designers

What Happened to Automotive Styling?

There’s no doubt that automotive styling has changed throughout the years. But what happened to it that resulted in most cars looking like jelly beans?

Rebelle Rally Jeep Wrangler on the rocks

The Rebelle Rally: the All-Female U.S. Off-Road Navigation Rally

The Rebelle Rally is an all-woman off-road navigation rally through Southern California and Nevada, covering about 1,250 miles. It’s not a race for speed or the shortest distance, but rather a test of navigational skills using vehicles that can be daily drivers, maps, a compass, and no GPS or cellphones.

finished seat cushion in place

A Quick Seat Cushion Repair

When the foam seat cushion in your car is badly disintegrating, it may be tempting to buy a whole new seat. But sometimes you just want a quick and simple solution that works.