Jennifer Harrington

My Dip Kit hydro dipping kit

Product Review: My Dip Kit Hydro Dipping Kit

Hydro dipping is a water transfer painting process that is used to get a graphic design onto any three-dimensional surface, for anything from car parts to cellphone cases. My Dip Kit sent a couple of their hydro dipping kits. Find out how they work.

Adolf Rosenberger 1928 German Grand Prix

Porsche’s Lost Champion: Giving Adolf Rosenberger His Due

Adolf Rosenberger was a successful racer in the 1920s in Mercedes and Benz cars and later became one of Porsche GmbH’s founding fathers. Though soon his Jewish heritage proved to be a liability, and his history in the automotive world faded.

Leena Gade

Leena Gade: The First Lady of Le Mans

Leena Gade is known as the First Lady of Le Mans. Her spectacular resume includes being a three-time Le Mans–winning race engineer and a winner of various awards.

Aston Martin DB4 Zagato

Five Cars by Carrozzeria Zagato

Ugo Zagato and his Carrozzeria Zagato company are known for producing some of the most famous, lightweight, aerodynamic, and sporty cars. The Zagato name has appeared on Alfa Romeos, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lancias, and more.